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digital_love welcomes you!

remember when everyone who played video games had a mullet and held their 10 pound gameboys while making a ridiculous "yellin" face?

fuck those guys; this commune is for the savvy !

i really dont limit the creativity or subject of posts. my dream is to have this place blossom into a video game community which really can discuss anything. in fact, i dont even care if you talk about video games - you can talk about things you think should be, ridiculous things that have happened in the history (phillips cd-i, anyone!?), post pictures of you looking jive with nintendo/dreamcast/playstation accessories, tacky ascii art of megaman, your tattoo's of video game junk, etc etc etc!

also, i love art, so if you have anything youve created musically/aesthetically/intangibly that was inspired by one of the systems, show it off!

[in addition, digital_love is moderated by me, catanoia.]