TheFreak (freakservo) wrote in digital_love,

Old News To Me, But...

I'll let you salivate however you prefer to.

What?  No Kid Icarus!?
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wasnt this dismissed as a fake a while back?
As far as I know, it's been officially announced by Nintendo.
Of course, I've come to be extremely skeptical of any video game news that comes out around this time of year (April Fools day and all).
I've seen several 'designs' and concept art of this thing, most of them made by the lovely folks on the internet
i wish it was real. i wish it was real so hard.

so hard my head exploded.
Hm...I thought I had posted it earlier, but according to IGN and The Magicbox, two highly respectable and trustworthy newssites, this picture was part of an official announcement made by NOA.

So yeah, wishes do come true, though you have to keep a high amount of cynicism that they won't nowadays.

But this one's the exception. Wahoo!
I've got mine!